Comic on indefinite hiatus:

7/29/14 – Our Patreon page has been up for about a week now, and we’re already up to $181 per month. Thank you guys so much! It’s a long way off from our stretch goal of being able to do 2-3 updates a week, though. Help us out and get access to exclusive sketches, wallpapers, livestreams, and pages before they’re published! Pledge on Patreon here!

7/9/14 – Good news everyone! Silv has finished three more pages in glorious color and they are jaw-droppingly cool. She deserves a medal. So, look forward to the next three weeks as this dream/flashback scene reaches its shocking conclusion, and we return to our regularly scheduled present-day plot. Dun dun duuuuuun!

5/30/14 – And we’re back, after an overly long hiatus. Silv the anglophile now lives in London, and Ski is working towards her doctoral candidacy in Behavioral Neuroscience at Cornell. We have a few new Grayscale pages up, with more coming, and they’re in glorious technicolor!

1/30/12 – Yay, what a great week! A new page update (with another on the way) and some great new fanart in the Fans gallery!

7/25/12 – MAJOR Gallery update! Updated the code to make it a little more user-friendly, and added 34 new images, every single one of which is full of slash ranging from fluffy to NSFW. Go check it out!

7/20/12 – Ahhh, so good to be back! Next page is already drawn and will be up on time next week, can’t wait for everyone to see! Plus I added a few more images to the Fans page (thanks Char!) and added some of Silv’s latest doodles to the Gallery page.

7/17/12 – Okay guys, updates coming, Silv’s working on the next page as we speak. Also, I should have put this up ages ago, but go join the Grayscale group on Facebook (created and maintained by our brilliant fan Char):

7/4/12 – Sorry about no update guys, life is a little nutty for us right now. Silv is preparing for not one, but TWO upcoming conventions and has to draw like a mad-woman to make sure she has enough merch to bring in some money, and Ski…well, I’m in Jakarta playing with orangutans. Grayscale will return soon!

6/15/12 – Ski is off to Jakarta, should arrive Sunday (that is, Sunday in Indonesia, which I think is Saturday in the US?) So sorry for temporary radio silence everyone, next time I talk to you it will be from an archipelago.

5/30/12 – We’re having an awesome time watching too much BBC. Also, new art on the Fans page!

5/28/12 – After the craziest week ever (Silv went to Anime North and Ski bought a house and ended up in the hospital emergency room…unrealtedly) we finally are getting a chance to relax a bit. By that I mean, tomorrow Ski’s heading up to Canada to visit Silv and they will get up to shenanigans, including what will probably be the craziest livestream ever on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Also Ski is finally going to watch Sherlock and become as addicted as Silv promises, and then have to write lots of fanfiction, and her life will be gone forever.

Love should not be legislated.

05/07/12 – Early update today! Also we added a ‘Links’ page, with a list of some of our favorite inspirational webcomics, and banners to link back to Grayscale! Please take this an an invitation to link back to Grayscale :D

04/28/12 – In response to a request during our excellent stream last night, I added numbers to all of the pages. Hopefully this will aid in navigation, and give people a reference when we refer to page numbers.

04/13/12 – Been a while now, but Silv and I are going to be streaming the drawing of a future page of Grayscale (four pages in the future!) tonight at 7 EST. Come hang out with us!

03/27/12 – I added a Gallery page! It kind of almost works because I’m not very good at coding! And there was much rejoicing!

03/20/12 – I just crawled home after many long hours of performing neurosurgery, and Silv is still knee-deep in her final film project for school after getting back from a convention, but all of your fantastic comments keep us going strong. I wanted to thank all of the brilliant artists who have been designing and drawing fan-made characters for the world of Grayscale! I’ll get them up on the fan site just as soon as I figure out how. Website wizards we are not. I also wanted to let everyone know that next week’s page is MY FAVORITE, so stay tuned.

03/01/12 – Added four new pieces to the fan art gallery by four awesome people; EvilPirateDuck, Kudalyn, SnowSkadi, and Insanityslight. I’m in the process of making a page for non-comic Grayscale artwork as well. New update coming Tuesday, and it may even be a double-update week…

02/14/12 – Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! As promised, we are finally updating regularly again, and earlier than expected, because Silv is an art machine. April will still probably be when a flurry of activity erupts around here, since Silv’s school schedule and crazy final project will start winding down, and my grad school interviews will be over and I’ll have left my neuroscience job and returned to a more relaxed lab.
Keep tuning in on Tuesdays. Things are just going to get more interesting from here on out, I guarantee.
Also, check out Silv’s latest gorgeous piece of Grayscale art on our Tumblr: Polar Opposites

08/12/11 – I’m going to try to post this everywhere humanly possible, because we would love to have each and every one of you glorious commenters come chat with us: Tonight (Friday August 12th) at 7 PM EST, Silv and I are streaming the drawing of the next page of Grayscale. We do this fairly often because it’s a blast, and we chat out loud and answer fan questions and generally are very silly. Please come join us, we’d love to meet you! Link is

08/08/11 – Hey gang, we know it’s Tuesday! New page on the way.

08/02/11 – We started advertising, and boy is it paying off! So far I’ve spent ALMOST $4.00 on adverts. I think it was worth it.
Thank you, everyone who bothered to take a look at the comic, all of the new readers are wonderful. Your comments are so insightful! Silv and I keep getting brainwaves from things you guys say, so please know you’re making a difference and are part of the creative process.
Anyway, as a reward to you loyal followers, this week is an update twofer! ANOTHER new page tomorrow! Silv had to sacrifice her hands to the Grayscale gods, but I’ve decided it was a sacrifice I was willing to make. :P

07/20/11 – Streaming the drawing of the next page tonight! Check the Twitter or Tumblr for details.

07/14/11 – Thanks to everyone who showed up for the stream the other night, we had a blast! Particularly enormous thanks to Kee and Tathi for the fantastic fan art (which can now be found on the Fans page). We’re working on the next few pages right now (by which I mean, I’m poking Silv with a taser every time she stops drawing) so stay tuned for the Tuesday update.

07/10/11 – Sorry for a late update these week guys! We were hanging out in New York over the weekend being silly instead of getting any of the comic done. We’ve already got next week’s done, so it’s guaranteed to be up on Tuesday.
We’ve made some minor edits to a bunch of the pages, see if you can spot them.
Oh, and we have a Twitter account now! We’re four_fears, follow us!
And in other news…you guys are awesome.

06/29/11 – Happy 30th comic page everyone! Well done Silv, you’re a drawing-demon. We’re going to try updating with a more regular schedule (ACTUALLY updating on Tuesdays) from here on out. The plot is about to finally take off, so stay tuned.
Also, we’d love for fans from the site to watch us work. Keep an eye on our Tumblr for streaming times!
Thanks, everyone, for all of your support. Every comment really makes our collective day.

05/19/11 – Two new pages on the site for you to peruse! We now have a Credits page for thanking the multitude of fantastic people who made Grayscale possible, and a Fans page for art/writing done by fans of the comic. If you made something Grayscale related and it isn’t up there, please let me know! Unless it’s poop-hole fanart (why IS there poop-hole fanart?) Sorry, gotta draw the line somewhere.

Unrelatedly, here are Nine and Dice on a rollercoaster:

05/16/11 – The big news of the day is that we have AMAZING FANS. Thank you guys for your support! We also finally have an FAQ up which we continue to add to as we get more brilliant questions. Hopefully we’ll get our Credits page up soon too. For now, we’ve been getting lots of great fan-art so Ill be making a page for that. The website is all coming together at long last, huzzah!