I feel like events unfold so slowly when I’m only posting once a week :P Good news is I have 100 pages all sketched out and up to 96 fully coloured (97 almost done).

We’ve been considering opening up a patreon account to help fund this comic and keep it updating, perhaps even more frequently. We’re just not sure if we’ve got the numbers to make it work though. If you’d be interested, let us know! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, visit Patreon’s website (www.patreon.com) for a better explanation than I can give. Basically you pledge a small amount of money (like, a dollar) per week or month and in exchange you get perks like a Grayscale-themed desktop image or a bookmark. If you’ve got perk suggestions too I am all ears (things you’d like to see that I could make available to patrons only).
If monetary support just isn’t in the cards, you can always help us out by spreading the word, either by reblogging our posts on tumblr (link in the sidebar) or just telling your like-minded friends about Grayscale :) Tons of love to you all, you’re the best fans. I’m really excited to have updates back on track again :D