“Silv”, an enlightening essay by Skiecrow

Silvae, also known as Demi, is the artist of Grayscale. She is a small creature resembling a llama (alternatively, a half-wolf half-bluejay) that lives in a cave constructed of scrap paper held together with coca-cola spit. She only rarely emerges to eat and animate. She does not require sleep, and is fueled solely by a patented blend of sugar, sushi, mango chicken, orange juice, and artistic praise. Silvae enjoys anime, writing, reading, roleplaying, drawing, and listening to her friends ramble on and on about video games she’s never played and science she doesn’t understand. (You do enjoy that, right? Right? Silv?)

She lives in Canada someplace, where she attends the continent’s only animation school with an actual name instead of a bunch of important-sounding institutional words strung together, and lives with a cat named Skitch. Skitch plans to eat her some day, and enjoys sleeping on her clean laundry and barfing on her sheets.

Silvae is obsessed with a different animal every week. Recent favorites have included wolves, crows, stingrays, African Grey Parrots, vampire squids, bonobos, owlet nightjars, and platypuses.
Silvae’s favorite word is ‘shenanigans’. She gets up to them.

“Ski”, a creative response by Silvae

Ski is the co-author/writer of Grayscale, and is secretly not a human, but a small, strange, tufted bird-creature that’s taught itself how to use a computer. The trick is alternating beak and talons.

Ski is like lightning and never strikes the same place twice, making it very difficult to chart her location on a map and frequently sending her friends into fits of hysterics concerning whether she’s alive or dead. In case you didn’t understand what any of that meant, Ski has lived in about eight million different places, including Greece, Santo Domingo, South Africa, Australia, Thailand, Cyprus and various places across the United States.

She has been educated by and worked in some of the most prestigious post-secondary schools of the United States and for some reason she doesn’t brag about it (Ski’s note: It’s pronounced ‘Harvard’, Silv.’ HAR-VARD’.) As a result, Ski can operate a stereotax and an oscilloscope, but not a fax machine.

Ski likes birds, brainspew and inventing pseudo-scientific explanations for our fictional worlds’ logic loopholes. Her mood is improved immensely by sacrificial offerings of artwork of her characters, which she hoards away to embarrass you with ten years later when your old artwork makes you want to cut off your hands.

Ski still uses the word ‘curmudgeon’ self-referentially, even if it went out of style a century ago.

“The Authors”, a side note by the authors

Silvae and Skiecrow met on a roleplaying forum ten years ago and haven’t stopped writing since. They now share one brain. Silv gets it on alternate weekends.

Their creative process mostly involves both of them making morally off-center, emotionally damaged, or downright evil characters and then throwing them at each other until something sticks. Silv doesn’t speak science jargon, and Ski can’t draw a box, so it’s a good thing they found each other or Grayscale would not exist.

They both possess an unhealthy addiction to questionably moralled fictional characters in even more corrupt fictional worlds, engaging in twisted acts of carnage and mayhem. If your story is about tea parties, do not take it personally if they fall asleep and drool on you a bit.

You can contact us at our shared email address: grayscale at fourfears dot com